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To hell with the ordinary.

Get off the beaten path and get on the coolest 2B/2A motorcycles for as low as $220/month!

$0 Downpayment. Flexible financing. Trade-ins available

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Situated in Birmingham, the epicenter of motorcycle production and the birthplace of heavy metal, Mutt Motorcycles is synonymous with a fervent passion for bespoke bikes and the vibrant custom motorcycle scene.

Our objective is to make motorcycling accessible, ensuring top-notch quality and style. We're dedicated to engineering bikes that are user-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, while encapsulating the authentic feel, sound, and precision of a custom-built motorcycle. Mutt Motorcycles provides an instant gateway to classic style, durability, and the soulful essence of a tailor-made bike.

Specializing in crafting eye-catching class 2B & 2A motorcycles, Mutt Motorcycles seamlessly fuses contemporary design with traditional custom heritage. Our bikes are meticulously designed to encourage a wider audience to embrace the thrill and community that comes exclusively with riding a motorcycle.


At Mutt Motorcycles Singapore, we craft more than just two-wheeled machines; we create rolling pieces of art. Our motorcycles are the epitome of a design philosophy that marries the rugged essence of classic motorcycles with the sleekness of modern trends. Each Mutt motorcycle is a statement piece, reflecting the individuality of its rider and the meticulous craftsmanship of our designers.

Our range of custom-styled bikes showcases a palette of colours that are both timeless and contemporary. From the Matt Green Hilts to the Gloss Red Razorback, the matte and gloss finishes are carefully chosen to accentuate the raw, muscular lines of the bikes, while the all-black Akita 125cc represents the pinnacle of understated cool. The attention to detail is evident in every curve and contour, making Mutts a standout on the streets of Singapore.

The visual appeal of our bikes is complemented by distinctive features such as custom-styled tanks, bespoke seats, and hand-finished details. These elements are not just about looks; they're about creating a tactile connection between the bike and its rider. The result is a sensory experience that is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.


We're not just about selling bikes; we're about creating a lifestyle. Our community is the pulsing heart of our brand, a diverse group of riders who share a common passion for the unique, custom-styled Mutt Motorcycles.

What sets us apart is the spirit of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm that binds our riders. It's a culture of freedom, expression, and the pure joy of the ride that makes a Mutt Motorcycle not just a means of transport but a way of life.

We understand that a true rider's lifestyle extends beyond the bike. That's why we offer an exclusive selection of merchandise that embodies the Mutt aesthetic—functional, stylish, and with an edge. Whether you're on the road or off it, our gear ensures you look the part.



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